Japanese Aesthetics and Values

The Japanese Spirit

In Japan, it is custom to eat using chopsticks, to hold bowls in your hands, and to put your mouth directly on them to eat and drink. Holding a vessel in both hands symbolizes bringing one’s hands together in gratitude for the ingredients within. Experiencing the four seasons and enjoying foods with all five senses – these are important elements of the uniquely Japanese rich yet subtle sensibility and food culture. WASARA, even though it is by design ephemeral, endeavors to encapsulate that spirit.

Japanese Sensibility

Japanese design utilizes a technique known as shakkei whereby objects of nature visible from but physically outside a space, such as trees and distant mountains, are considered part of one’s own garden. It is an expression of living in harmony with nature. Likewise, we find beauty in the repetition of a simple design such as latticework in shoji paper sliding doors. Such creations require the utmost accuracy in craftsmanship precisely because of the simplicity of the design. The tinge of tension refreshes and comforts us in our everyday life .The legacy of such techniques and the Japanese aesthetic is at the core of our philosophy for WASARA tableware.