Organic Form and Beautiful Texture

Elegant and flowing form that fits straight into one’s hands, texture like handmade Japanese paper, subtle shading, and the beautiful image of the dishes stacked on top of each other. We place great importance on the touch of the tableware and the feeling when you bring it to your mouth. In the search for a design that is easy to hold, we settled on the organic form of WASARA. It has a natural fit with the curvature of human hands, and brings grace to the movements of everyone who holds it. With elegant form and texture that reflect its handcrafted roots, WASARA is the essence of functional beauty, made possible by the unparalleled skill of Japanese craftsmen. Such skillful modeling has resulted in these exquisite forms overflowing with character.

Extensive Collection

It is a common practice in Japan to select tableware that best suits each ingredient or cuisine. Among the world's food cultures, no other nation cares as much about its choice of tableware. While some dishes have distinct and specific roles, such as the bowls used for rice or miso soup, a small cup called choko can double as a drinking vessel or a small bowl. WASARA presents this Japanese culture of varied tableware, giving freedom to each individual for how they use it. The waterproof and oil-resistant tableware can be arranged in countless variations adding elegant color to all your entertaining.

Timeless Design

With WASARA, our intention is for the designs to be timeless, not to follow trends. While the tableware collection is an expression of Japan, inspiration was found in the beauty of nature, which is universal. We believe WASARA is a product to be used in any time period, irrespective of country or culture.